97 Year Old Volunteer Fractured Back in Accident

A 97 year old resident of New York sustained serious injuries when another vehicle blew a red light and struck her car. This independently living woman, who was also a volunteer at her local old age home, suffered an open leg wound and lower back fracture as a result of the accident.

Brandon Swartz filed a lawsuit shortly following the accident. Because this elderly woman’s injuries were so debilitating, Swartz sued not only the faulty driver, but also a private healthcare insurance company for medical coverage. “This avoidable accident caused this active woman to go through three months of unnecessary anguish and distress,” says Swartz.

A settlement of $275,000 was obtained for the injured woman and Swartz fought for all medical expenses to be proportionally covered by the faulty driver’s motor vehicle coverage, with the remainder paid through a private healthcare provider. A few months following the accident, the woman was able to make a full recovery.