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In the aftermath of a personal trauma, innumerable complications develop. Charges for medical services keep mounting, the capacity to earn a living becomes a continual conflict, and physical and psychological anguish are always at niggling. After a serious physical injury, it is of paramount importance that recuperation and restoration is at the forefront. Yet, in a number of cases, a long-winded and complex fight for your rights takes the lead.

At a time such as this, what you need is a practised and competent Personal Injury Lawyer who will fight for your Workers Compensation. You need an attorney who will pay attention to you and keep you in the loop on workmans comp, and guide you through every stage of your lawsuit. We, at Swartz Culleton PC., strive to seek justice for your cause!

As your personal representative with legal standing, we will fight aggressively for your interests. We will represent you as a Workers Comp Lawyer, Product Liability Lawyer, Slip and Fall lawyers, Truck Accident lawyer or a Personal Injury Lawyer; whatever your need demands us to act as, and we will march along with you to seek and get the justice you so rightly deserve!

Swartz Culleton PC., is a wholly committed personal injury law firm located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that concentrates on safeguarding the rights of the wounded. This is why, when you select

Swartz Culleton PC.,

to represent you, you don't employ just an attorney, but the enterprising and versatile law firm behind it.

Speak to us today and experience for yourself how our years of legal practice can work wonders for your case or help the ones you love.

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Recent Publications

Cross Examination of Expert Witness ALM Template – Presentation

Anatomy, Diagnostic Testing and Medical Experts: Winning Strategies for Plaintiff’s Direct and Cross-Examination. Brandon Swartz is a founding partner of Swartz Culleton, PC. His practice focuses on all types of personal injury cases including wrongful death, medical malpractice, civil rights violations, motor vehicle, premises liability, products’ liability, trucking accidents and workers’ compensation. Mr. Swartz’s legal career has been highlighted by several outstanding results including a $12.5 million jury verdict obtained on behalf of a man injured in an industrial work accident; A $3 million settlement in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on behalf of a child who was born prematurely with substantial developmental defects after his mother consumed turkey deli meat infected with Listeria; a $1.5 million settlement in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas on behalf a construction worker who fell through a roof, the third highest settlement ever reported in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; a $6.5 million settlement in Philadelphia County for a plaintiff injured by a defectively designed trash truck; and a $1.895 million settlement in Philadelphia County for a victim of a gas explosion. Mr. Swartz has also obtained numerous favorable awards and settlements representing hundreds of injured workers’ compensation claimants in the Greater Philadelphia region. He graduated cum laude from Temple University School of Law. - Read More

Trash Collector Resolves Claims in Products Case

Products $6.5 Million Settlement Date of Settlement: January 14. Court and Case No.: C.P. Philadelphia No. 100403422. Judge: Marlene F. Lachman. Type of Action: Products liability. Injuries: Internal organ damage; spinal cord injury; need to use colostomy and urine bags; evisceration of scrotum; amputation of right leg and phantom pain from missing leg. Plaintiff’s Counsel: [...] - Read More

$1,892,500 Settlement for the Victim of a Gas Explosion

On a cold winter day, a 49 year old construction site foreman arrived early for work. As he had done on many prior occasions, the man unlocked the company storage container and set about lighting the propanefueled heater used to heat the container which, in addition to storing tools, served as shelter for the employees. [...] - Read More

Swartz Culleton Settles Motor Vehicle Accident Case for $1.65 Million

A 62 year old Catholic school teacher who broke both her legs in a head-on motor vehicle collision in Montgomery County has settled her personal injury lawsuit prior to trial for $1.65 million. The plaintiff was on her way home from work when an auto repair parts delivery driver, traveling in the opposite direction, crossed [...] - Read More

Factory Worker Settles Injury Claim for $525,000

A 62 year old production line worker who was injured when he fell from a catwalk has settled his career-ending shoulder injury claims for $525,000. The employee was represented by Swartz Culleton attorney Brandon Swartz, who conducted a forensic accident investigation to determine if any company other than the employer was responsible for causing the [...] - Read More

$630,000 for Motor Vehicle Accident Victim

Swartz Culleton has settled multiple claims on behalf of a 48 year old woman who sustained bilateral lower extremity fractures in a Chester County motor vehicle accident for a total of $630,000. - Read More

Passenger Obtains $300,000 Settlement for Broken Leg

Christopher Culleton of Swartz Culleton obtained a $300,000 settlement for a man who sustained a broken leg in an auto accident involving a single vehicle. The plaintiff, who was a passenger in the vehicle, made a full recovery but missed work for four months and underwent medical treatment for twelve weeks. - Read More

Widow Receives $150,000 in Settlement of Late Husband’s Bedsore Case

Swartz Culleton obtained a $150,000 settlement for a Bucks County woman whose husband developed a Stage IV sacral bedsore during medical treatment for a fracture caused by a fall at home. The bedsore required surgery to remove dead tissue and took three months to heal. The husband died of unrelated causes after suit was filed. [...] - Read More

Girl Sues Dad Who Was Shot in Road Rage Incident

By KATIE WALMSLEY July 11, 2011 When Thomas Timko made an obscene hand gesture to a driver who irked him, he may not have predicted the disastrous chain of events he set in motion — but his daughter believes he could and should have, and she’s suing him to prove it. Driving home in October [...] - Read More

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