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Property owners are legally responsible for maintaining a safe and accident-free environment. If accidents or injuries occur, they are held responsible for any premises liability claims made by the injured party. There are many different types of injuries which may result in a premises liability claim including slip and falls, injuries incurred while walking on a sidewalk, as well as accidents occurring in any location where the property owner may be held liable.

An experienced team of attorneys can assist victims of slip and fall accidents and other premises liability cases. With the experience and knowledge that are needed in these types of cases, they can effectively represent the victim to ensure that they are awarded the compensation they deserve. Compensation is traditionally awarded for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. These cases may also provide compensation for the family members of a deceased premises liability victim. The extent to which the property owner is liable is contingent on whether the injured party was a trespasser, licensee, or business invitee.

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Types of Claims

Swartz Culleton PC attorneys have successfully handled premises liability claims arising out of injuries on most any type of property, including:

  • Injury due to falling objects
  • Slip & fall injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Structural collapse
  • Dog bites
  • Inadequate security