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Products Liability in Philadelphia

Product liability occurs when a product causes harm to the end user even when it is being used as intended. Any party that is involved in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of the product can be held responsible for the injury. The responsible party may include one or more persons such as the designer, manufacturer, assembler, wholesaler, or retail store owner. In the event that a product has an inherent defect, which results in harm to the end user, a product liability claim can be filed. The claim can be argued on the grounds of negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability.

Proving Product Liability

To prove product liability, it must be shown that the product in question directly caused the injury and was defective through design, manufacturing, or marketing. Even though the product might satisfy its design and function, it may still be proven to be dangerous because of a flaw in design occurring during the initial phases or during the manufacturing process. Defects that occurred at the marketing level reflect information lapses about the potential dangers of using a product.

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